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Superconducting Quantum Devices: Theory, Analysis and Design

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About This Course

Building quantum computers is a great challenge and involves concepts and technology that have similarities and differences with those in classical computers. It involves cryogenic environments and in the currently most advanced approach it relies on superconducting circuits that display quantum effects. The topic of this course is superconducting quantum devices and circuits for quantum computation.


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The contributers of course contents are Rogerio de Sousa (U. Victoria), Yves Berube Lauziere, Max Hofheinz, Mathieu Juan, Karl Thibault (U de Sherbrooke), Gordon Harling, Udson Mendes, Niharika Kohli, Siamack Grayli, (CMC), Max Hofheinz (U de Sherbrooke), Joe Salfi (U. British Columbia), Reza Molavi, Nicholas Tsai, Mark Volkmann (D-Wave), and Thomas McConkey (IBM),

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